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 Hebron Fire Protection District is located in the northern part of Boone County, KY.  The district covers approximately 42 square miles.  There are approximately 14 miles of Interstate 275 that run through our district and about 25 miles of riverfront on the Ohio River.  Our district consists of mixed residential, large warehousing, industrial, and some commercial and retail.  There are also some rural parts of the district along the river and parts of Petersburg Rd.  There is also a 110,000 square foot museum on the western end of the district.  On the eastern end of the district is the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati International Airport.

     The fire district has 2 stations.  Station 1 is located at 3120 Northbend Rd. and Station 2 is at 2350 Graves Rd.  The district has 35 full-time personnel with 11 of those being paramedics.  The full-time personnel work 24/48 shifts with 10 per shift.  There are 6 personnel at Station 1 and 4 personnel  at Station 2. There are also about 20 volunteers that serve the district.  The district maintains 3 engines, 1 tower ladder, 2 ambulances, 2 utility trucks, 2 water rescue boats, 1 water rescue trailer, 4 staff vehicles, and 1 hazmat unit.  The hazmat and water rescue units are regional units that respond throughout Northern Kentucky.

     Hebron Fire Protection District works closely with our neighbors and has mutual aid contracts with all of them.  We are bordered by Burlington Fire District to the south, Point Pleasant and Airport Fire Districts to the east, and Petersburg Fire District to the west.  We also work with Greendale, Indiana Fire Department for runs on the bridge to Indiana.  For more information on the department check the history page of the website.

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