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Commemorative Farewells and Welcoming New Additions

It was a busy night last night during the August meeting for the Hebron Fire Protection District. The District Board recognized the commitment and dedication of two board members whom recently stepped down: Assistant Chief Brandon Johnson served 12 years on the District Board as a fire department representative and local property owner Ronnie Burcham stepped down after 27 years of service on the District Board. Our Local 3784 Professional Firefighters Association was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to present each with a parting appreciation gift. Thank you both for your dedication to the community members of Hebron and to the men and women that work for the Hebron Fire Protection District.

We also added two new team members to the Hebron Fire Protection District, please join us in welcoming Trent Hanson as our new Training Captain and Brandon Schoborg as our new EMS Captain. Both individuals have a wide variety of experience and knowledge of the fire and EMS service and we are fortunate to have them join our team.

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