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Hebron Fire partnering with Safe Haven Baby Box

The Hebron Fire Protection District is hoping to raise enough funds to install a 'baby box' at their Station 1 headquarters, located at 3120 North Bend Road in Hebron, KY. Chief Tony Scheben had this to say about the opportunity, "With the Roe vs Wade decision, and multiple queries on KRS regarding the surrendering of a new born baby, we have been working with Safe Haven Baby Boxes in Indiana to put a “baby box” at our headquarters. This would allow for the safe, anonymous surrender of a baby under the laws of Kentucky. We plan to move forward with the process and the outlook is very promising for a significant part of the $20,000 cost to be covered through donations. We may save some money by doing some of the construction part of the project ourselves, and we were already contacted by a Hebron resident to help fundraise for the cost of the baby box. We have received positive feedback through the county so far, and I think this will be a good community relation project to embark on."

Once the funds are raised and the project begins, completion should be within 6-8 weeks.

Please consider donating:

For more information on Safe Haven Baby Boxes visit

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