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EMT Refresher Update

We have decided to offer our annual EMT Refresher a little differently this year in an effort to make the course more efficient and accessible for everyone. 

We have condensed our in-person/live instruction to Saturday/Sunday from 0900 - 1500 and have moved the rest of the content to an online/on-demand format. 

The online/on-demand courses can be completed at your leisure. 


1.) Watch the entire lecture

2.) Click the "Quiz/Evaluation" link for that lecture

3.) Successfully complete the quiz with an 80% or higher

4.) Obtain the course certificate from your email*

*You will receive a separate course certificate for each online lecture.

2023 Medic Refresher


Thursday, Jan. 12th 0900-1700

Thursday, Jan. 19th 0900-1700

Thursday, Jan. 26th 0900-1700

Thursday, Feb. 2nd 0900-1500

3025 Conrad Lane
Burlington, KY 41005

The 2023 HFPD Medic Refresher will satisfy the 30 hour NCCP annual requirement (60 hours every 2 years).  Click below for details:


To register, please click on the below links.  Registration is needed for EACH day, and payment will be prompted when you register for Day 1.

New Cost: $75.00

2022 EMT Refresher

Thank you to those whom participated this year, we hope you enjoyed the new format.  The 'live' sessions are recorded, and will be up until the end of December.  If you need to register to watch the recorded sessions, please click on BOTH links below:


To register multiple members from your department, please download the below spreadsheet and fill it out accordingly with the number of participants from your department.  Save As (Your Department Name) and email to

You will be sent an email with a payment link for the total number of participants you have, as well as the Registration links for each day.


Because these courses are online/on-demand and a live instructor is not available to answer questions or facilitate the course, the continuing education (CE) credits earned from these courses must be counted as "Distributive Education."

NREMT: Effective 9/30/2022, the NREMT no longer has Distributive Education hourly limitations. 

KBEMS: Per 0202 KAR 7:601 Section 13, "no more than ninety (90) percent of the total continuing education hours to fulfill the continuing education requirements for renewal pursuant to KRS Chapter 311A or 202 KAR Chapter 7." For EMTs in Kentucky, this translates to 36 of the 40 NCCP hours may be distributive in nature.

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