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Open Records Request

The HFPD shall provide full access to public records in conformity with the provisions of KRS 61.870 to KRS 61.884. The HFPD shall also protect public records from damage and disorganization, prevent excessive disruption of its essential functions, and provide assistance and information upon request and to ensure efficient and timely action in response to application for inspection.


Open Records requests shall be submitted in writing to the Administration and the HFPD legal counsel. HFPD and Ziegler & Schneider both operate their respective administrative offices during normal business hours Monday – Friday. KRS 61.874 provides for the provisions of fees and duplication of records. The Legal Counsel of the HFPD shall decide the applicable fees to be assessed and the person or persons requesting open records shall be responsible for all fees and charges incurred. All fees and charges incurred shall be remitted to the HFPD.




Anthony Scheben, Chief
Hebron Fire Protection District
3120 North Bend Road
Hebron, Kentucky 41048


Legal Counsel:


Steven C. Martin, Attorney
Ziegler & Schneider, P.S.C.
541 Buttermilk Pike,
PO Box 175710
Covington, Kentucky 41017-5710

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