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2023 Annual EMS Refresher


To increase the efficiency of our annual EMT and Paramedic refreshers, we have decided to combine them into a single refresher effective this year and moving forward. For the first time, EMTs and Paramedics will participate in a single EMS refresher that begins on November 28, 2023; occurs every Tuesday until December 19, 2023; lasting 8 hours each day. As in years past, in-person or virtual attendance will be accepted.


EMTs: Awarded 20 hours that are compliant with the NREMT NCCP 20-hour curriculum/requirements. Live attendance (in-person or virtual) will be required on November 28th (all day) and December 5th (morning only). Online/distributive education courses will be available/assigned to EMTs upon registration. Registration fee increased to $25.


Paramedics: Awarded 30 hours that are compliant with the NREMT NCCP 30-hour curriculum/requirements - live attendance (in-person or virtual) is required for each day. Registration fee remains the same at $75.


Registration and payment information will be released over the next few weeks, but we wanted to make you aware of this change now. If you have any questions, please contact FF/P Rick Arens at or Captain Brandon Schoborg at

Registration & Payment Links

Everyone must register/pay by clicking the "Payment & Day 1 Registration" button below. EMTs must also register for Day 2. Paramedics must register for all 4 days.

  • EMT Registration Fee: $25 - Use code "2023EMT" to reduce the price of the registration to $25.

  • Paramedics: $75 - No code needed/accepted.

  • Departmental Registration: If you are register for a department/bulk personnel - use code "2023Medic". This will take the registration fee to $0. Your department will be invoiced based on the total number of personnel submitted on the CE roster at the end of the Refresher.


Payment amounts will be cross-referenced to ensure participants pay the accurate amount prior to the issuance of a CE certificate, etc.

Additional Information for EMTs

As we stated above, EMTs will need to attend all of Day 1 (11/28/23) and the morning portion of Day 2 (12/5/23). Additionally, EMTs will need to complete a handful of online courses/quizzes to obtain the full amount of CEs offered. 

More information about the online courses is provided below.

Online EMT CE Courses

Access to the EMT online courses will be provided on or before 11/28/2023. The online/on-demand courses can be completed at your leisure. 



1.) Watch the entire lecture

2.) Click the "Quiz/Evaluation" link for that lecture

3.) Successfully complete the quiz with an 80% or higher

4.) Obtain the course certificate from your email*

*You will receive a separate course certificate for each online lecture.

EMT CE Hours Provided

  • Airway/Respiration/Ventilation: 1.5 hours

  • Trauma: 1.5 hours

  • Cardiovascular: 6 hours

  • Medical: 6 hours

  • EMS Operations: 5 hours

Total: 20 hours

The hours above will come from a combination of the live and online/distributive education courses. 

Paramedic CE Hours Provided

  • Airway/Respiration/Ventilation: 3.5 hours

  • Trauma: 3 hours

  • Cardiovascular: 8.5 hours

  • Medical: 8.5 hours

  • EMS Operations: 6.5 hours

Total: 30 hours

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